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Crown Molding: A Help for Homeowners

Contemporary Crown Molding and Innovative Applications

The outstanding architectural element known as crown moulding may increase the value of your home. It might give you a more premium, well-crafted feeling if done effectively. But, on the other hand, your contemporary home may need some architectural characteristics that give it a distinctive appeal if you live in an older home with lovely crown molding.

While searching for a 2 inch cove molding for your house, there are several things to remember. First, you need to be aware of the crown molding ceiling available and if the style of your home is appropriate.

Although contemporary-style homes are often straightforward and minimalist, adding these minute details and elaborate design components is a beautiful way to give them your unique touch. In addition, you might be surprised to learn that some architectural characteristics are less expensive than they might first appear to be.

This blog will examine all you should know about ceiling crown molding as a homeowner.

Reasons to Choose Cove Crown Molding

As a homeowner, you want to make purchasing and installing crown molding in your house as straightforward as possible. You may choose the ideal design for your home with the assistance of cove moulding, a veteran-owned business. With our factory-primed materials and wide range of molding options, you can easily install and maintain customized interior design in any home area.

There is something for everyone in our wide variety of 6 cove crown molding, including dentil moulding, external vinyl shutters, fibreglass columns, and much more. So what are you still holding out for? Contact us immediately, and we’ll help you upgrade your house with a few low-cost modifications!

What Materials Do Crown Molding Usually Contain?


Nowadays, cove crown may be made from a variety of materials. Plaster was traditionally used to create highly intricate elements and is still commonly used today. While the significant benefit of utilizing a plaster cast was the ability to reproduce a design, recent manufacturing improvements have repeatedly made it possible to replicate the look of various materials.

The beautiful thing about contemporary crown molding is that you can now go through catalogues to find a style that suits your home, and the firm you pick may prepare the molding on location. Consider repairing an old plaster crown by creating a mould of the same design and using fresh pieces to cove molding the broken sections.

In the past, wood was, after plaster, the most often used material for crown molding. However, the application has the drawbacks of being costly and heavy. Also, wood isn’t thought to be the best material for environments with temperature fluctuations. This may cause the installations to grow and contract, resulting in significant damage.

Since they are flexible and lightweight, composite crown molding composed of vinyl, PVC, or polyurethane is the simplest to install. In addition, they frequently cost less than their equivalents and are resistant to dampness and insects. Therefore, these materials are ideal for locations with high humidity levels.

Advantages of Crown Molding Made of Polyurethane

Contrary to popular belief, polyurethane is not the same as polystyrene or Styrofoam. Both are artificial materials. However, polyurethane has a better thermal insulation factor. It is a thick, foam-like substance that offers all the advantages that wood does.

Yet, because it doesn’t split, splinter, or decay, it is superior and more resilient than wood. It is pre-primed, ready to be painted, and has a longer lifespan.

PVC crown molding benefits

PVC crown moulding is excellent for exteriors, bathrooms, or other interior spaces where moisture is an issue. No matter how moist it becomes, the plastic polymers in this substance are resistant to decay. In addition, it has a smooth surface and is perfect for settings where a detailed profile appears more fitting.

Innovative Crown Molding Applications


Nowadays, crown molding serve as a visual presence that may assist in boosting your living space and make your ceiling appear taller and more abundant. Its initial purpose was to clean up the area and cover up any flaws where the ceiling and walls meet. It’s a beautiful addition that highlights your home’s grandeur and diverts attention from things like cobwebs and fading paint.

Nowadays, crown molding may be utilized in areas more than merely the tops of walls, including:


Consider adding crown molding to archways and other openings in your home if you want them to stand out as decorative features. These are the structural components that make the ideal backdrop for crown molding.


Depending on your taste and preferences, consider using different types of crown moulding to add opulent accents to your fireplace.


Crown molding is another decorative element that draws attention to top cabinets in your home. If your kitchen is too plain, consider adding some trim to give it height and a more appealing appearance.


If you want to give a space the traditional crown moulding look, you should also consider utilizing it to dress up a simple bookcase. It will have just the right height and depth, and ornate and intricately constructed crown molding will give the bookcase the appearance of being a more deliberate part of the space.

Electrical Wiring and Lights Coverups

You’re probably searching for methods to hide the wires or cables to ensure they don’t detract from the beauty of your living space, whether you’ve added new wiring to your home or are trying to figure out how to add extra lights in a room without going overboard. The ideal solution is hollow crown molding. In addition to being substantially better and less expensive than removing drywall to cover up extra wire, this method also gives you easy access to your wiring in the future. All cable, audio, and communication cables fall under this category. You may conceal the wire in your crown molding instead of drilling holes in your walls.

The advantages of crown molding

Here are some justifications for why crown molding is ideal for your house.

  1. Improves the Value of Your House

Crown molding can offer any space a unique touch and a beautiful appearance that will undoubtedly raise the value of your property if installed correctly. Make sure the crown molding you select precisely complements the architectural design of your house. Ornate designs go well with more traditional buildings than clean and sleek lines do.

  1. includes a variety of styles to suit your home

Contrary to common assumptions, crown moulding also has several advantages for modern homes. Modern crown molding may be painted and customized to fit the design and character of your house.

As long as they complement one another and serve a function, you can experiment with various styles in various house sections. Play around with colours to give your home a more distinctive vibe.

  1. Enhances a Space with an Exquisite Finishing Touch

Whichever kind and design of crown molding you choose, it will undoubtedly improve your house and reflect your attention to detail. In addition, it will make an excellent first impression on potential buyers and demonstrate to them how much you care for the space if you’re trying to sell your house.

Since its historical use has been elegant, installing crown molding in a home is a beautiful statement of richness. You’ll be astonished at how a modest improvement like this can spruce up your home and dazzle guests.

  1. Has a Variety of Widths That Fit Any Building

Even if the ceilings in your home are lower, you shouldn’t forgo elegant architectural details like crown molding. The varied widths, thicknesses, and designs of contemporary crown mouldings are ideal for rooms with low ceilings. In addition, choosing the appropriate trim and pattern will make your area feel more significant.